Irishmans Claret
Irishmans Claret
January 8, 2017
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Kingfisher Copper Damsel


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Its like a guilty pleasure, isn’t it…We all feel differently about lures if you like. Some purist fishers just don’t have them in their box and go for more traditional wet or dry flies.

Our range

Here at River Fishing Flies we stock over 2000 variations of pattern in up to 7 different sizes. The reason for that is purely down to choice and the different types of trout fishing we cater for. If you are going down to the River Tweed on the pursuit for natural Brown Trout, you would not take a lure with you. You are likely to be in pursuit with a Nymph or traditional dry fly type pattern. For the modern day trout fishery lures have their place. Rainbow trout tend to look for a wide variety of pattern types. From Foam Blobs to Zonkers and the ever popular Cats Whiskers. That said through they are very likely to also fancy a chomp on a nymph or take a nice juicy daddy from the top of the water.

Sharing the experience

The key to any successful fishing trip is a quick analysis of where you are going and what type of fish you are in pursuit of. Study the catch book on your fishery and speak to people on the water about what they are using and what success they have had. You will always find your fellow fishers a great source of information for a water that you have perhaps not fished before. It really is key to gaining the best results on the water on any specific day.


Lure types that we find are becoming hugely successful are FABS or Foam Assed Blobs. Maybe a funny name you would agree but what is not funny is the results. FABS have now become our most popular trout lure, they are lethal in most colours shapes and sizes. All that glitters as they say is not always gold, but our Cactus body FABS that do glitter are gold. Our best sellers are still Cats Whiskers lures and of course any type of Tadpole. What would we suggest you have in your box Lure wise? Hothead Tadpoles, FABS of Course and a few Zonkers for good measure,, our range of Creep cats is also hugely successful.

The key to success again is just watching and check to see what is gaining success on the water on the day. Its great fun experimenting though and just enjoying a day out with fresh air and some very light arm exercise.

And finally…

Remember all our flies are hand tied only by artisan fly specialists using branded high quality carbon steel hooks. We take our quality seriously but also keep our prices way low so that you can enjoy your sport for less.

Tight lines from the team at River Fishing Flies UK

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