Hopper Half Hog Black and Green
Hopper Half Hog Black and Green
November 26, 2017
Hopper Half Hog Black and Silver Booby Head
Hopper Half Hog Black and Silver Booby Head
November 26, 2017
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Hopper Half Hog Kate Mclaren Booby Head



Dry fly fishing

Here at River Fishing Flies we rate dry fly fishing as the best fun and sport you can have. It can be tricky, waiting for that tug or watching the fly being swallowed. It certainly does get your heart pounding when you feel that take or see the ripple and then the line tightening up. Sport wise you have to be sharp and ready for action, carefully watching and feeling everything. It is for us a great way to spend a late summer evening or an early morning by the river bank or fishery in pursuit of your favourite trout.

What fly to choose

Many customers ask us what is the most popular dry fly and what will I catch fish with the most. The answer is as wide and varied as our selections or dry flies. Reason being when you look behind at the science of it, it varies greatly with location and time of year. There are many common flies though that are prolific trout catchers. Daddy Long legs is my go to when fishing dry if I cant match the hatch. But flies such as the Black Spider or Greenwells Glory prove time and time again.

Pattern testing

Here at River Fishing Flies, we take our pattern testing very seriously. By that we mean that anything we develop by way of unique or hybrid flies are tested the season before we bring them to sale. We generally develop over 300 – 400 unique patterns in a year but only 100 – 150 make it through testing. Reason being we will only ever sell patterns that have proved to catch fish. This way we can guarantee pattern reliability and you get better resulting sport at the end of the day.

Last year we brought in a wider range of Booby Hoppers, which have proved hugely popular and highly successful. They are more suited to big river or stillwater fishing but the results have been fantastic. Get one or two for your box and try them next time you are out and pull through a wake or slight ripple.

Dry fly pattern wise, think about where you are going and the relative hatch that will be at the river. It is a science but it does prove better results knowing what is hatching , colour and size wise and then make your selection. We hold one of the UK biggest selections of traditional dry flies. We also stock hybrid type dry flies so that you have a wider choice and more successful trip.

And finally..

Remember all our flies are hand tied only by artisan fly specialists and as such tied on branded high quality carbon steel hooks. We take our quality seriously but also keep our prices way low so that you can enjoy your sport for less.

Tight lines from the team at River Fishing Flies UK

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