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January 8, 2017
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Czech Nymph Deeper Olive and Amber


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Nymph type fishing flies

Nymph type fishing flies are probably the most prolific at catching trout. Most fish are taken sub surface and as such this gives the humble nymph its rightful place as the most popular type of trout fly available. Nymphs represent water born insect life at juvenile stage. Consequently this gives way to a huge part of a trout daily diet. Nymphs come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.


And of course similar to all fly patterns, the key is to know what is hatching around you so that you can match it subsurface. Ask any pro fisher or expert and they will tell you every time , try and match what is going on around the water and the time of year and this will have greater impact on your catch. Locally at your fishery or river, look at the catch book results or do your research before hand on the internet. It is a great way to ensure you are getting the right flies for that specific trip.


There is a common misconception when nymph fishing amongst the more novice of angler. They do tend to go big on nymphs, bigger sizes rather than smaller sizes. Our biggest selling nymph size is 16. This is probably the most popular size for trout river and fishery fishing. Going by way of sales the most popular trout nymph is the humble Gold Ribbed Hares Ear nymph in size 16. Have a think about what you can see in the water when fishing. Or if you have ever checked the contents of a trout’s stomach. The insects and nymph insects they consume are tiny. So in comparison a size 16 hook is actually fairly big, but certainly it is the most effective.


River Fishing Flies recommend the Gold Ribbed Hares Ear as a must have fly for your Nymph box. The pheasant tail nymph and copper john are a must too. Montana and Goldhead versions of all of these prove time and time again. Check with your local fishery or river guide return box on what is catching and try your best to match the hatch. The results will prove in the end and your trip will be full of sport. We cant always guarantee you the best of UK weather when fishing. We can though guarantee that you will have the best quality flies at unbeatable prices when you shop at River Fishing Flies.

And finally

Remember all our flies are hand tied only by artisan fly specialists. They are all tied on branded high quality carbon steel hooks. We take our quality seriously but also keep our prices way low so that you can enjoy your sport for less.

Tight lines from the team at River Fishing Flies UK

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